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History at stake in East Asia, Scaforina

History at stake in East Asia, Scaforina

Contributeur : Arnaud Nanta
Rosa Caroli, Pierre-François Souyri (ed.)
Venezia,  Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina, 
History at stake in East Asia deals mainly with relevant issues concerning East Asian history by adopting an inside perspective and comparing different views now prevailing in Japan, China and Korea. It seeks to rethink the interaction between the ‘universal’ and the ‘local’ by overcoming the traditional view of East Asian history that still prevails in the Eurocentric historical narrative. Actually, an analysis of the real significance of the histories and micro histories of East Asia for global history is essential in overturning the conventional approach moving from the ‘universal’ to the ‘local’. In fact, by travelling in the opposite direction (i.e. from the ‘local’ to the ‘universal’) it would also be possible to highlight the various meanings and historical inflections that some global phenomena have in national, local or transnational space of East Asia. This book was born as a consequence of the international conference “Historiography on Japan and East Asia: State, Trends and Perspectives” which was held in Venice in November 2010.   Dans cet ouvrage collectif, un article d’Arnaud Nanta “The Japanese Colonial Historiography in Korea (1905-1945)″ p. 83-105.
UMR 8173 Chine Corée Japon

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