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The Invention of Race

The Invention of Race

Scientific and Popular Representations

Contribution de Arnaud Nanta
Nicolas Bancel, Thomas David, Domonic Thomas (ed.)
Routledge, Routledge Studies in Cultural History, , 307 p.

This edited collection explores the genesis of scientific conceptions of race and their accompanying impact on the taxonomy of human collections internationally as evidenced in ethnographic museums, world fairs, zoological gardens, international colonial exhibitions and ethnic shows. A deep epistemological change took place in Europe in this domain toward the end of the eighteenth century, producing new scientific representations of race and thereby triggering a radical transformation in the visual economy relating to race and racial representation and its inscription in the body. These practices would play defining roles in shaping public consciousness and the representation of “otherness” in modern societies. The Invention of Raceprovides contextualization that is often lacking in contemporary discussions on diversity, multiculturalism and race.

ISBN : 978-0415743938
UMR 8173 Chine Corée Japon

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